Monday 20 July 2015

Search Engine Optimization Basics Facts

 Basic facts in Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization basics
The main idea behind search engine optimization is to provide web marketing techniques uses to list websites. It affects in organic searching. It is used to improve easy crawl, right cache and indexing search results. Crawling means to understand the URL, header, body of a website then perform caching that is to store in different databases.  At last indexing to listing the search results. While we go through the history of seo we found that it arrives for the benefit of goggle. Once, goggle found difficult in optimizing the pages thus they decide to explore their optimizing ideas to some of the webmasters. But those misuse it and start to cheat goggle. One of the most important goggle initiatives for seo is webmasters tools. It is a free tool provided by goggle to done communication to and fro with goggle.

Methods in Search Engine Optimization

In older times goggle used niche specific search engine quality, it means at Meta name part we are increasing the number of keywords thus many of them misuse the pattern of search engine optimization. So the goggle decides to use link specific methods. In this if the website gets more links it will come to best position. This methods also become failure for goggle. Because many of the link sellers become available and getting links for their websites. After all goggle decides for quality link. The quality link means page rank. The website should have quality in their contents.

Updation in Search Engine Optimization

The goggle  have many updations like panda or farmer, penguins etc. In panda updation it is used to detect low quality content like grammatical errors, to detect copied contents. Penguin updation based on links, to detect low quality links. There is ethical and unethical seo practicers, ethical ones are responsible for their profession to adopt ethical practices where as unethical practicers will affect by goggle updates.

Search Engine Optimization Basic Tools

Inorder to optimize our page to more trustworthy we can use some of the search engine optimization tools like
  • Google Analytics
  • Webmasters Tool
  • Moz Analytics
  • GTmetrix
  • Ping dom
  • SEMrush

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used for website tracking. From this we can get information about the users visits. We can locate the geographical location of users, which device user use to search, about the search engine, number of visits, and about how long they spend on our page etc. Through Google analytics we can detect referral, direct and organic visits.

Webmasters Tool

Webmasters Tool tool is free for webmasters. In this we can detect only the organic visit. In this we are performing fetching and submiting to the index. We can submit our website URL to the sitemap for faster crawling.

Moz Analysis Tool

Moz analytic is a community for Search Engine Optimization. Through this we can found domain and page authority.Tools Provided by Moz,
  • Opensite Explorer
  • Follower Wonk
  • Moz Local
  • Rank Tracker


It is mainly used for website analysis by entering a website URL. Some of the tools are,

  • Leverage browsing Caching
  • Google Page Speed 

Ping dom

Ping dom is used to find out the broken links.


This tool is used to analyse organic visits.

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