Monday 27 July 2015

Basic Difference Between Google Analytics & Webmasters Tool

Basic Difference Between  Google Analytics & Webmasters Tool

Google Analytics 
google analytics

google webmasters toolGoogle analytics is to verifying or customizing the report.  In this there many detailed information is available. We can recognize number of persons who visited our report. We will get information from which devices they viewed our post. We will get analyzed form like from which geographical area they viewed and how long they stay in our post. In this there will be all type of visit like organic ,referral and direct visits. We can also get bounce rate, that is how long they stay in our page.

Webmasters Tools

In webmasters we are performing fetching and submit to index. In this there will be only organic visit. We can Submit through webmasters tool and check a sitemap. It can list external pages and also internal pages to the site.

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